Usha Rajak Bold and beautiful

Himalayan News Service


A commerce student at Prasadi Academy, Kumaripati, Usha Rajak proudly declares that she is excellent in her studies. With confidence she says, “In my college among the girls, I have never settled for anything less than a distinction in examinations.” For her, education is most important. Usha says, “Education is essential for a good career in the future. It is only through education that one can hold a good position and status in society.” This Scorpio who stands at 5’4” is an avid reader. She says her favourites books are ‘Three men in a boat’ by Jerome K Jerome and ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding. Then with a smile she says that like any other girl her age, she also enjoys reading Mills and Boon novels. Besides reading Usha loves painting and sketching.

“I am a romantic person,” she admits, “sometimes I even like to be alone and shed tears for all the right reasons. After that I find myself happier with life.” Usha is a deadly combination of beauty with brains. A permutation that is bound to drive the guys crazy. “Boys keep proposing to me but I have always said NO to them,” she says with a naughty sparkle in her eyes. Then mischievously adds,” I don’t like to break anybody’s heart… so I tell them that we can always be friends.” Is there any one special person in her life? “No comments!” she says with a giggle.

Usha is predictable in that she loves chocolates, flowers and above all “being pampered and praised.” She says she would like to make her mark in the world of glamour. “Being the youngest in the family, at home I always act as if I am a beauty queen!” “For me the ‘Lux Beauty Star 2004’ is an opportunity knocking at my door. I have to make the most of it.”

Usha considers herself a serious contender for the title. “I should get what I want. I am willing to put my heart and soul into what it takes to get the title.”

Does she think it will be an easy task? “It needs determination, hard work and a bit of luck,” she says. “The other contestants are all very pretty and friendly. We will have a very healthy competition. In fact seeing so many beautiful, smart girls, makes me feel good. I think this is a sure sign that women are coming to the forefront.” Will she be disappointed if she does not bag the title? “Not really,” she states, “after all my favourite quote in life is, ‘Winning is not important. Wanting to win is’.” The Lux Beauty Star 2004 will be held on May 22. Watch this space for the countdown.