Lyricist Thapa to wow Paleti fans


The third series of Paleti has begun and according to a nepalaya statement the the series will be featuring lyricists and musicians as well to “reiterate the importance of lyricists and musicians in Nepali music”.

So one will be sitting with renowned lyricist Ratna Shumsher Thapa for Paleti this Friday.

Thapa has been writing songs since the onset of Nepali modern songs and Sur Samrat Narayan Gopal chose six of Thapa’s songs while beginning his singing career — Aankhako bhaka ankhaile, Swargaki rani, Kunjama gunjiyo, Bho bho nasodha, Madhumas yo dilko and Ye Kancha thattaima yo, which contributed a lot to the shaping of Gopal’s career.

His other songs that have help build the careers of other singers and musicians are Bichodko pida, Sero fero mero, Yo kholako sanglo pani, Na aau juna, Birsyo ki kaso, Ankhaima rata gali, Jati hansu bhanchu, Goreto yo gaunko, Ghumtima naau hai, Fulai fulko mausam, Kina pheri and Malmali ghumto.

This edition of Paleti will see Thapa’s words given life to by Suraj Thapa and Sheela Bista.

“At Paleti, I will try to apprise my audience and listeners with the things that I thought, experienced and felt while writing the songs then. I hope the audience would enjoy listening to the music while also hearing about the stories associated with the songs”, the statement quotes Thapa as saying.

Paleti with Ratna Sumsher Thapa is scheduled for June 29 at Nepalaya’s R-sala, Kalikasthan at 6:00 pm.