Lyricist Thapa’s surprise

for Gayak Phatteman at Paleti


Sojho mann saante afai lai dhaante,

Samjhana ma kalpi maile singhai raat kaate

As the singer sang these words, everyone in the audience turned to Gayak Phatteman.

When lyricist Ratna Shumsher Thapa had asked Phatteman why the latter had not sung any of his (Thapa’s) songs at the first edition of the third Paleti series, Phatteman had answered he had never sung any of Thapa’s song. It was then that Thapa decided to surprise Phatteman at the next Paleti.

Thus, on June 29 Paleti featuring songs penned by Thapa, Gayak Phatteman got a surprise as Suraj Thapa sang the above song.

This Paleti was not only melodious but also very interesting as lyricist Thapa shared anecdotes related to the songs. He gave accounts of conversations he had had with singers and musicians like late Narayan Gopal, Ambar Gurung, Natikaji and Manik Ratna during the recordings.

While talking about Malmali ghumto he said, “After listening to this song, Ambar Gurung said this song is a painting made of words.”

Songs like Ankhaima raat gali, Yo Khola ko sanglo pani showed audience the poet in him, while songs like Kanchi lai laijau and Birsiyo ki kaso proved Thapa’s powerful way of bringing out the varied romantic feelings.

Thapa said he loves experimenting and wrote (still does) alternate lyrics to tunes. When Paleti coordinator Aavaas talked about the beautiful words of Kina pheri from the movie Bhagya Rekha, Thapa quipped, “Aksar ma ramrai lekchhu (I usually write well). When I gave alternate lyrics to Norbu Tsering (music director), he got confused as which to choose. I still can give alternate lyrics to a tune.”

He also expressed his desire to bring Manik Ranta back to the music scene.

The fact that the audience could listen to the songs in both male and female (Sheela Bista) voices added variety to the evening.

The whole idea of bridging the gap between the listeners and artistes came alive as the audience — both young and old — sang along with the singers.

It was not only Thapa who got nostalgic. His soulful and romantic words gave everyone a taste of yesteryear’s golden music.