Madden recovering from surgery

LOS ANGELES: Nicole Richie and Joel Madden's household is still fighting off health problems - the Good Charlotte star is recovering from painful tooth surgery.

Just weeks after socialite Nicole Richie was left bedbound with pneumonia, her partner was forced to undergo an operation on his mouth.

The rocker had the procedure on Friday (11Dec09) - and spent most of the night awake from the pain.

In a series of posts on his personal page, he writes, "I got 3 tooth implants. No joke. My jaw is the size of a cantelope. 4am can't sleep. Dental surgery yesterday (Friday) kept me up all (sic) nite. Looks like the entire family is staying in the house today.

"Thank God for Vicodin right now. Stitches in the mouth."

And it seems Madden is still suffering - on Monday (14Dec09), he updated his page with the post: "Good morning everyone. My jaw is still swollen from the dental surgery. And I'm still onpain killers. Got to sleep in today so that's good."