Madge upsets fans

LOS ANGELES: Pop diva Madonna angered fans in Kentucky after showing up three hours late for her Rebel Heart concert.

Many concert goers voiced their displeasure on Twitter after the Like A Prayer star hit the stage in Louisville, accusing the 57-year-old of being late and possibly drunk during her show.

“Madonna is drunk and yelling at the Yum Center managers from stage,” a fan wrote, while another added, “Madonna was, like, drunk tonight... she couldn’t remember lyrics, choreography and said she feels drunk,” while one fan added, “the worst show I’ve ever been to. It’s a blatant act of disrespect for Madonna to be over2.5 hours later (sic) to her show.”

Madonna has not commented on the reports directly, but she has posted a picture of herself from the show, laying down on the stage, with the cryptic caption, “Working on my stand up laying down (picture of wine glasses) good practice!!! Thanks Louisville! the tears of a clown soon to follow the (heart) #rebelheartour”.