Magical blend of East and West

KATHMANDU: After travelling around the Valley with their music, on the third day of Jazzmandu 2008, all the featured national and international artistes and bands performed at one venue. Jazz lovers got the perfect opportunity to start their weekend to some jazz beats at the Gokarna Forest Golf Resort and Spa on October 24. The crowd comprising both locals and expatriates were delighted to be at nature’s haven under the clear starry sky. Closer to nature and huddled around bon-fires placed around the ground, the crowd enjoyed a non-stop musical marathon at the ‘Gokarna Jazz Bazzar’. Enjoying the different genres of music, flowing drinks and mouth watering food, it was the ultimate get away of the weekend for all.

The gig was an absolute blend of cultural folk, classical and jazz music. While Prustaar Nepal lead by veteran Homnath Upadhya gave a flawless performance in classical music infusing the environment with his beats of tabala supported by Uma Thapa on sitar, it was one of a kind experience for the foreigners present. Similarly the peppy beats and energetic performance of the instrumental ensemble Kutumba impressed all with their improvising of traditional folk tunes. The audience could not stop praising the Gandharvas who gave an enticing performance on their sarangis.

While traditional Nepali music successfully added the flavour of Nepal to the jazz festival, participating jazz artistes like Greg Lyons Trio, Wanny Angerer Latin Jazz Trio, Global Unity, Terrence Bowry, Mark Brown Band,

Catia Werneck Quartet and Cadenza gave what the audience had come for — the feel of jazz.

The audience could not have asked for a magical eveing of music and memories.