Magical Madhuri back with her jhatkas

Aaja Nachle

Director: Anil Mehta

Genre: Musical/social

Cast: Madhuri Dixit,

Akshaye Khanna, Raghuveer Yadav, Kunal Kapoor, Konkona Sen Sharma,

Ranvir Shorey, Irrfan Khan, Divya Dutta, Vinay Pathak, Jugal Hansraj

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It seems that Bollywood needs the magical Madhuri and not the other way round. Making her come back with the biggest banner (Yash Raj Films) of Bollywood, everyone expected it to be the movie of the year, but Yash Raj fails to make it so. Despite the movie being her comeback, director Anil Mehta fails to showcase the magic of Madhuri. However, she does her part with such a panache that from the very first shot till the last take she does not disappoint you. You did hear it right — it’s all about Madhuri and she has carried the whole movie on her own shoulders, making it so to say enjoyable.

Whoever said that 40 is the new 30 is absolutely correct and with the way Madhuri has carried herself in the entire movie she can give all the other actresses in their 30’s and 20’s run for their money. She looks like million bucks, her acting is a powerhouse, she dances like apsaras and with her hourglass figure she seems all set to rule the industry.

The movie revolves around Dia (Madhuri Dixit) who returns to her hometown Shamli from the US after she gets the news that her guru who taught her how to dance and live life is on his deathbed. After she arrives, she comes to know that the Ajanta Theatre, the pride of her town, which her guru nurtured all his life, is in danger. She decides to bring the theatre back to life, to save it.

Member of Parliament of Shamli, Raja Shaheb (Akshaya Khanna) believes that building a mall in that place will be more beneficial for the town, but he gives Dia two months time to prove that the people of Shamli

need the theatre. All set to fulfil the mission to save the theatre, Dia takes help of some people from the town and plans for a musical Laila Majnu. Imran (Kunal Kapoor) as Majnu, Anokhi (Konkona Sen Sharma) as Laila and few others decide to help her out in her bid to recreate the lost magic of theatre.

Though the script of the movie is weak and the story is predictable, the supporting cast consisting of brilliant actors also make the movie worth watching. Kunal Kapoor and Konkona Sen have done a good job. Both show nice on-screen chemistry and comic timing which is fun to watch.

Irrfan Khan, Raghuveer Yadav and Akhilandra Mishra are likeable. Divya Dutta is wasted in her small role but the biggest surprises are Vinay Pathak and Ranvir Shorey who not only give good performance but also have danced very well. The chemistry and dialogues between Akshaye Khanna and Madhuri are the best part of the whole movie. Being a dance-based movie, Vaibhavi Merchant is good and so is the music, which suits the situation. Though the songs keep coming in, you don’t mind seeing Madhuri back with her jhatkas. If you don’t like song dance routine, then you will be bored. However, if you love Madhuri, love watching her dance and love laughing, this might be a movie for you.