Making it easier

When you start college, you will obviously feel a little overwhelmed and lost. Perhaps you will wish you’d never opted for higher studies. But this is something that most college students go through. Here are a few tips to help you in your college/university studies.

• Choose a degree you are generally interested in rather than studying for the sake of having a degree. You will learn more because you are interested in the subject.

• Always look at your assignments as a challenge rather than saying “it is too hard”. A task thought of as too hard can slow you down to a standstill. The same task thought of as a challenge can spur you on.

• It is best to keep up with your work. A timetable should be arranged each week, to ensure that you do not fall behind.

• You should be aware of all your assignments and deadlines. Make a calender for each module, stick where you can always see it and refer to it as and when the need arises.

• Do not leave your course work to the last minute

• Make sure you understand the lecture before you leave the classroom.

• Be prepared to ask questions.

• Read your text books and lecture notes again and again as you get new information.

• You should be prepared to spend at least three to four hours every day reading lecture notes and text books, and gathering information.