Making our mother proud

No one can see the tears in a mother’s eyes. I don’t too. All I see is the smile on her face.

I was born to do many things, however, the one thing I would really like to do is make her famous all over the world. Our mother feels happy when we all live in harmony and peace. I pray to God to let my mother smile for forever.

I am afraid to think that someday her children will leave her alone and go abroad forever. How can she smile when this happens? I’d request all not to leave her alone.

I am not talking about our biological mother but our motherland. I would feel proud if I could die in her lap while contributing my skill, knowledge and effort to develop our nation.

We are the future stars. We have to shine under her sky and share our light with others. I am sure she will smile and feel proud looking at us — her children, her hope.