Mallika's luxury pad in Hollywood

LOS ANGELES: True to her name, Mallika enjoys queenly luxury whenever she is in Los Angeles. The Bollywood bombshell needs to shuffle between Mumbai and LA till the release of her upcoming film Hisss and has therefore rented a swanky penthouse at ‘The Palazzo’ at a prime location between Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

Mallika reveals to a tabloid that the penthouse is right next to the ‘Rodeo Drive’ which, she says, is “one of the shopping havens of the world”.

Quite understandably, the place is expensive and Mallika is shelling out of lot of moolah as its rent. But she would rather squander her earnings on The Palazzo than settle for any other place.

The penthouse reportedly offers a panoramic view of the city. It has a private swimming pool, apart from the usual dining room, drawing room, two bedrooms and of course the private terrace. In fact, reports say the apartment also has an original Picasso painting. Mallika is expected to keep the apartment till September this year. However, if she bags another Hollywood project by then, she may even extend her stay.

‘Hisss’ is directed by Jennifer Lynch, daughter of the renowned filmmaker David Lynch. The movie has Mallika playing a snake-woman. The actress went through gruelling and painstaking make-up sessions while shooting the film.