Martin-smitten Miley

LONDON: Teen star Miley Cyrus was thrilled to heard that Coldplay would consider touring with her because she has a huge crush on the band’s lead singer Chris Martin. Martin recently revealed he is a fan of Cyrus and insisted he’d never rule out hitting the road with Cyrus, reports

He said, “Anyone we like or respect, no matter how different they may be, we would play with. She’s doing something quite different. I just think she seems to have a sweet character.”

Cyrus was ecstatic when she heard this news and even said she would not mind replacing Gwyneth Paltrow as the next Mrs Martin.

She said, “In my other life, I would definitely be, like, Chris Martin’s dream girl. He’s awesome, he’s, like, the most amazing performer. When I went to a show, he was like a saint.”