Mary-Kate Olsen partying too much

New York: Mary-Kate Olsen, who stars with her twin Ashley on the TV show ‘The Full House,’ seems to be having too much fun partying.

At a concert by the British rockers Oasis at the Madison Square Garden here she was spotted bumping to a reporter. The reporter said: “When she came out of Oasis’ dressing room, she almost crashed into me. Her big bodyguard had her by the arms... She was in rough shape.”

After a while Olsen was seen being half-carried into the service elevator and off to the VIP bathroom.

To quell rumours that something serious was afoot her representative said: “Whatever the implication is, it’s ridiculous. She was just hanging out with the band. Nothing went on whatsoever.”

Mary-Kate Olsen has a history of being a party girl and has courted controversy when she

had to check herself into a rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. — HNS