Master all difficult words

For some of individuals, having to write a simple note to a teacher or even a short email can be a daunting task. Whatever the reason, improvement can be made if they take the time to practice spelling.

More than likely, there are certain words that present a challenge when it comes to spelling. If lists of these problem words are made, a family member can be asked to do pop quizzes throughout the week, to assist the individual having difficulty. It can even become a game, and the whole family can get involved and practice it as a sport.

A good way to practice spelling is to write out problem words on paper and stick them up around the house. That way, by seeing the words spelt correctly, those having difficulty can resort to their memory of seeing the word written out, and thereby overcome their difficulty with spelling the actual word.

There are also online spelling tests that can be used to practice spelling. Some of these tests will also keep track of words that have given some difficulty and pop quizzes will be provided along the way.

For words that are especially difficult, one can even resort to writing lines. By writing the problem words out over and over, the proper spelling can be imprinted on the mind.

A family member or a friend can be very helpful in assisting the individual to practice spelling the most difficult words, or the individual can practice the words themselves

by recording their own voice saying each word and then playing it back and trying to spell each term correctly.