KATHMANDU: Eyeliners are one of the most used items in eye make-up. For some women it is a 'must-have'. It helps define your eyes and is also vital while creating certain make-up looks. There are basically two types of liners -- liquid and pencil/stick.
If you are going for a dramatic and lasting look, opt for liquid ones as pencil/stick ones don't last that long.
How you apply eyeliner can either make or destroy your whole make-up. Here are some guidelines for using eyeliners —
• While applying eyeliner always apply on lids in one complete, solid stroke. While doing so move at a consistent pace with an even pressure.
• In order to create a solid clean look, apply the liner from the inside corner of the eye to the outside of the face.
• To avoid smudging, always apply eyeliner on the top lid first and then to the bottom.
• If you do not like the design or stroke you have created on your face and decide to remove it, make sure you use a proper makeup removing cleanser. Water and soap or damp tissues are more likely to leave your face looking puffy, red and blotchy.
• The right time to apply eyeliner is after moisturiser and foundation. But always remember to apply eyeliner before applying mascara and eyeshadow.
• If the eyeliner does not look as clean or solid after applying the rest of the make-up, a quick single stroke touch-up is suggested to finish the look you are striving to achieve.