MBBS in P’pines


The HCMI Education, Healthcare Management International, a Singapore-based transnational firm with offices in many countries in Asia and North America, came to Nepal a year ago. According to an HCMI press statement on September 23, it has gained popularity with its veritable set of curriculum in major universities for MBBS programmes in the Philippines. Currently students can avail of these programmes in 11 universities that HCMI Education has partnerships with.

The courses are designed under three different categories — Pre-clinical, Para-clinical and Clinical phase. Emphasis is given to practical hands-on trainings and students have to follow up their four-and-half-year course with a one-year internship.

For those who wish to come back to Nepal, HCMI Education will assist them in their screening tests conducted by the Nepal Medical Council, on passing which they will be eligible to practice in Nepal too. — HNS