Mediocre Homework


Genre: Drama

Director: Nirak Poudel

Cast: Aryan Sigdel, Gauri Malla and Namrata Shrestha

Being screened at QFX Cinema


Homework, that tells of the clash of two generations, could have been a refreshing watch because of its quite unique storyline. Yet the bad execution of the story makes it a mediocre flick.

The film tells the story of young son Aaryaman (Aryan Sigdel) and his 65-year-old father Hari Krishna (again, Sigdel). Despite being a top businessman, people make fun of Hari Krishna as he is illiterate.

His journey from rags to riches — from a tempo conductor to Aarati Corporation’s Managing Director — doesn’t impress even his own son Aaryaman, an MBA graduate, because his father is illiterate. Hari Krishna can’t speak in English, and the government cancels his business trip to the United States as one needs to interact in English with other businessmen there. This incident affects him negatively, and he falls from his rooftop while drinking. And one day Hari Krishna leaves home, reaches his hometown and enrols himself in Class VI, in a school.

On the other hand, Aaryaman takes over his father’s business, goes bankrupt. During this whole time, Hari Krishna’s wife Aarati (Gauri Malla) tries to make peace between the father and son, who are not in good terms.

The film’s first-half is boring while the second-half is okay.

The story by Shivam  Adhikari has a new concept, yet the way it has been woven is not convincing, and the characterisation is flawed. The way Homework depicts the cruel nature of school children, where they are shown bullying an elderly man, is not realistic.

One expects the nation’s top businessman to be smart, yet Hari Krishna is not that smart. And Sigdel can’t save this character — he can’t convince you in the role of a father and a 65-year-old Hari Krishna. He is dull, and his dialogue delivery bores you. Surprisingly, he is good as an arrogant son, and romantic lover boy Aaryaman.

Malla, in the role of Hari Krishna’s wife and Aaryaman’s mother — is nothing extraordinary. Namrata Shrestha as Anshsu, the love interest of Aaryman, hasn’t got much space in the film. But she has done good job and looks pretty as usual.

Music, however, is pleasing to the ears and two songs Ke Shachai Timi Risako and Harayein Ma Timro are already hits.

Had more homework been done while making the film, Homework would have been more watchable.