Memories dear

I was sitting idle on a night when there was load shedding, and I could not forget my teacher telling us that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. I began to recall my day. I remembered that I had been late for school that day because I had been busy reading the School Times where one of our friends had mentioned the importance of diary.

This inspired me to write in one which I have been doing for the last three years. Then I remembered I had written about our trip to the bridhashram (old home), which I want to share here.

Seeing the old people there, I missed my Grandpa. We were warmly welcomed by the elderly people. Some had been watching TV, some engaged in gossip and some busy doing creative work. They accepted our gifts.

Then we started to talk with the elderly people. Their sad stories melted our hearts. It

was around six in the evening when we returned.

I could recollect that day through the words in my diary. So I think we must all acquire the habit of keeping one. It is a good source to recall our memories.