Memories of land of sunrise


Dr Ram Dayal Rakesh is among those very few Nepali authors, who have written travelogue that is the least written genre in Nepali literature.

Suryodayako Deshma Saatdin (Seven days in the Land of Sunrise) is a book by this Rakesh, who has penned down his travel experiences in the various cities of Japan, popularly known as the Land of the Rising Sun.

The book, a bridge between two oldest cultures of the world — Japan and Nepal, gives us chance to be proud of Nepali culture. “The honour that the Japanes gave to a Nepali author is not only to him but also to the rich and varied Nepali culture,” thinks the author.

Suryodayako Deshma Saatdin includes 11 memoirs of the author’s Japan visit at different times, on different occasions to the different cities. From Mount Fuji to Osaka to Kyoto, the author is completely overwhelmed by the Japanese hospitality and their love for Nepali culture and specially Mithila culture, one of the most famous cultures of Nepal.

The author is successful in bringing colourful pictures of Japanese cities in his book.