Memories to cherish

Sitting by the windowsill, I saw little boys and girls enjoying their game on street. This view, sort of freshened my past. I remembered how I used to run and jump and howl in the same street, with my friends who enjoyed it as much as I did. Not a single day passed by without me falling down and injuring myself. I still remember the day I came home weeping with my cousin sister (who was then my play- mate too), pressing my forehead with her fingers so as to control the overflowing blood. If not wounds (esp. in my knee caps), I’d return home late around seven in the evening with lots of complains about my friends. I remembered, me and my friends trying to build sand castles and sometimes jumping on piles of sand meant for construction, ending up being scolded by the owner. We use to run away after ringing door bells and also climbed an about to move vehicle. Sometimes while returning home from school, we used to send our siblings ahead and enjoyed our gossip with Pani Puri or titaura. Almost everyday, we used to stay back in a junction type of road and chat, chat and chat until our siblings came to fetch us. My mom always shouted at me for being hooked to the idiot box and watching cartoons and less bothered to complete the assigned homework. When shouting didn’t work, she tried to persuade me, but in vain. Each morning when I took off my clothes to have a bath, mom made faces at me. I found her very funny with those faces and always laughed heartily at her. I hardly remember myself laughing so eagerly. The recollection of all other childhood memories brought tears on my eyes. Today, nothing is as it used to be. My friends and I are in different worlds with varying opinion about almost everything. Time has passed away but it has left memories in our heart. Memories that can always be cherished, reminding us of the beautiful, unforgettable past that we once shared.