Mesmerising Imadole

A true son is that who can feel the beauty of his birthplace even if he was born in a desert.”

I am glad that I was born in the beautiful village of Imadole. It is a very small and beautiful village. My birthplace is a heaven for me where I wish to stay on even after my death. I have no doubt that I will stay here forever.

Boje Pokhari is the highlight of Imadole. The pond has many Bojo’s, a valuable herb. It is situated in the heart of Imadole, people often visit this place to collect Bojo’s. Swans and ducks swimming and lotuses blooming in the Boje Pokhari are the things that will remain in ones memory forever. The two main rivers of Imadole are Kodku Khola and Hanumante Khola. Imadole is rich in natural beauty. Imadole is also famous as a pilgrimage site.

Krishna Pranami Mandir is one of the holiest places for Krishna Pranamis living all over the world. Every year hundreds of devotees come here from India and Fiji. It is situated at the gateway to Imadole. Mahadevthan, Narayanthan and Bhagwatithan are the major temples of Imadole. There is a mosque in the southern part where Muslims from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh often visit. As far as I know there are two churches in Imadole. Thus, Imadole is rich in culture and religion. People from different parts have migrated here, which has increased its cultural and ethnic beauty as well. Its mesmerising environment and friendly atmosphere has been attracting many people and thus the place is gradually changing into a big town now. I hope the transformation of this village into a town will not damage its scenic beauty. We will make sure that this does not happen. One must come here to witness its natural beauty and I am sure that once you visit Imadole your heart will say, “I wish I was born here.”