Miley Cyrus' cruise class

LOS ANGELES: Tom Cruise's son Connor is getting acting lessons from 'Hannah Montana' star Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus is giving Tom Cruise's son acting lessons.

The 'Hannah Montana' star is helping 14-year-old Connor Cruise to make it in Hollywood by letting him watch her work.

The teenager - who is the adopted son of Tom and his ex-wife Nicole Kidman - has been "job shadowing" 16-year-old Miley on the set of the hit Disney series.

Miley said: "I guess he wants to be an actor too, he is really cute."

His dad has also been a regular visitor to the set of the US TV series, accompanying his son.

Connor recently starred as a young Will Smith in the 2008 film 'Seven Pounds' and is desperate to follow in his movie star parents' footsteps and take his Hollywood career further.

Miley, who recently stared in 'Hannah Montana: The Movie', is one of the most successful young stars in the world with her estimated earnings reaching over $25 million last year.