Miley’s sore throat

LOS ANGELES: Miley Cyrus’ US tour is already becoming a pain in the

neck — the teen sensation has been struck down with

a sore throat.

After just two weeks on the road with her Wonder World Tour, the Hannah Montana star is struggling with her

vocal cords.

The problems got so bad in Salt Lake City, Utah that Cyrus was forced to flee backstage during one of her performances to receive urgent medical attention. She returned to the stage after a 15-minute break.

And the star found the perfect way to try and relax in preparation for her next gig — she was fussed over by her father, Billy Ray Cyrus.

On her page, she wrote, “Woke up with a sore throat. Why am I always sick? These are the times that my daddy really comes in handy. He made me smile through the worst pain I have ever felt.”