Minogue’s too hot for Coldplay


Rock band Coldplay has decided to drop Australian pop star Kylie Minogue’s song Luna from their album because it was too hot.

Thesun.co.uk reports Kylie’s track didn’t make the final cut for Viva La Vida. Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin revealed that Minogue’s singing was too sexy for the album, which is beautiful but more serious. He said, “At this point we cannot be that sexy. The song is called Luna and Kylie is particularly brilliant on it. It will be on a record that we will put out in 2009, some time at the end of next year. It will be track nine, I imagine.” Martin is already making plans to record another album. He added, “It will neatly wrap up things for the end of the decade, then I don’t know what we’ll do.” — HNS