Misconceptions about success

1 Some people can’t be successful because of the background, education, et cetera.

Anybody can be successful. It’s a matter of wanting to, then doing what it takes to achieve it.

2. Successful people don’t make mistakes.

Successful people make mistakes just like we all do. They just don’t repeat them.

3. You’ve got to work 60 (70, 80, 90...) hours a week to be successful.

It’s not a matter of doing A LOT of something. It’s more about doing the right thing.

4. You’ll only be a success if you play by the rules.

Who makes up the rules anyway? Each situation is different. Sometimes following the rules is needed, other times making up your own is what is required.

5. If you have help along the way, it’s not success.

Success rarely occurs in a vacuum. Recognise the people who help you become successful, there are plenty of them.

6. It takes a lot of luck to be successful.

It takes ‘some’ luck, sure. It takes a lot more hard work, diligence, knowledge, and application.

7. It’s only success if you make a lot of money.

Money is just one of many benefits to success, but it’s not guaranteed.

8. It’s only success if everybody knows it.

You may get more money and more accolades the more people know about what you’ve done. But, even if you were the only one who knew it, you’d still be a success.

9. Success is a goal.

Success is more what you get when you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. Saying you “want to be a success” begs the question: “At what?”

10. Once I’m successful, my troubles are over.

You may be successful but you’ll still have the ups and downs you did before. Enjoy what success you achieve and live each day as it comes. — Agencies