Miss Nepal tete-a-tete: Cool girls

KATHMANDU: They are said to be our girls that have been blessed not only with beauty, but also with brains. And they are ready to unsheath their sharp wits and charm us with

their intelligence.

Yes, we are talking about the contestants of the Dabur Vatika Miss Nepal 2007 contest that is to be held on April 7 at the BICC. This year you get to choose your favourite by taking part in the Dabur Vatika My Choice (DVMC) contest by sending SMS from any mobile phone set and voting for your favourite contestant. You could win very attractive prizes too. UTL phone subscribers can dial 2722.

We wish all contestants the very best!

Bandana Sharma (Contestant No 11) is 22 doing her BBA and hails from Lalitpur. The 5’ 4” beauty says that she is “friendly as well as reserved at the same time”. Being a cool girl she loves the colours blue and white as these colours (in her words) “are really cool”.

Bandana also thinks that remixes always rock and that though she looks “tough”, she is actually “very emotional”.

(If you want to vote for Bandana, SMC DVMC 11 to 2722 from any mobile set, or dial 2722 from any UTL phone)

Shristi Manandhar (Contestant No 10) is a Capital denizen and is perhaps one of the tallest participants in the contest at 5’ 8”.

This 21-year-old beauty says she is a “very good cook” and dislikes guys who act over smart. She is looking for a partner who is “perfect” and would love to star in a movie with Rajesh Hamal.

(If you want to vote for Shristi, SMC DVMC 10 to 2722 from any mobile set, or dial 2722 from any UTL phone)