Monkey princess

There were two monkeys sitting under a tree. After sometime a large group of people arrived and started chatting amongst themselves. They were talking about the festival Maghe Shakranti and how they would celebrate it. The monkeys were listening to them. The monkey’s wife told her husband that they too needed to celebrate this festival by taking a bath in the river.

The husband refused and she went there alone. After the festival, she took a dip

in the river and lo! she turned into a beautiful woman. She went back to her husband and he was shocked to see her.

So he also quickly went for a dip thinking he would turn into a handsome man. But it was too late and he remained a monkey.

Now prince of that kingdom had come to celebrate the festival and when he saw the monkey-girl he fell in love with her and asked her to marry him. She accepted his proposal gladly.

The monkey was stunned and started chattering loudly. But no one listened to him. Whenever I visit Pashupati and Shwayambhunath temples I think about this story when I see monkeys chasing women.