More bluesy, more funky


Music was their hobby and they started playing their choice of music when they were still in school. But it was only in 1985 that the Rusty Nails really burst into the musical scene of Darjeeling hills.

And as Yuvraj Chhetri (or Viku as his friends call him) puts it they were on a roll.

This hobby of theirs took them places from neighbouring town of Kalimpong to Kathmandu to Mumbai and other places. And to crown their talent, they won the IIT Kharagpur Spring Fest for two consecutive years (1989, 1990).

The local boys had become big. They were the stars and they embarked on their musical career that took them to Mumbai with dreams of cutting an album. This almost happened,

but again as Viku put it, “It didn’t for some reason or the other.”

They played in Kathmandu for some time however a lot of things prevented them from really pursuing their dreams. And sometimes one has to sacrifice one’s love to cater to the necessities and the nitty gritties of life.

So was the fate of the Rusty Nails.

The group drifted apart with Viku taking up the teaching profession and the other band members too took up professions that were as far from music as could be.

According to Viku, the Rusty Nails had ‘really rusted’.

But the Nails were not as rusted as Viku put it. They are going to put up a reunion concert this Sunday (February 19) in the Capital at Moksh and have aptly called it the Rusty Nails Reunion Concert.

How did this happen?

“My brother Hemu (Hemraj - drums, vocals) was in town and two other band members Sonam (bass) and Benoy (guitar) are also here. So, we thought why not put up something,” says Viku.

So, the band that rocked Darjeeling two decades ago is set to rock Kathmandu this weekend and what we can expect is not their old styles. What Viku promises is something different — more bluesy, more funky.

And how does it feel to be performing as a band again after all these years?

“It feels great,” says Viku, adding, “Rusty Nails was my baby and getting together now is all the more meaningful.”

And for all you Rusty Nails fans, who have listened to them play before, here is a chance that you cannot miss. Be there at Moksh on Sunday from 7 pm onwards and listen to your favourite boys play you the blues.

(Tickets priced at Rs 300. Call 5526212)