Mother of mine

Yes, Mum I am alone. You left me but I am sure you didn’t mean to... I’m waiting for you though I know this waiting is useless.

I have something to share. The uncle next door was also a victim of the war.

I was shocked when he too was killed, but Mum, other people do not seem to be feeling this way. Instead they are demanding compensation. I am happy his family is getting a compensation, but what about me? No one is bothered about me.

You left me all alone mom but I’m determined to fulfil all your dreams. I will be a successful person as you always wanted me to be. Mum, I know you will never return, but I will always feel your presence and I know your blessings are always with me.

(Mum here refers to Susmita Chapagain, 21, of Debdaha, who was killed in an army-Maoist crossfire as stated in THT on February 11, 2006. I am a not relative of Susmita but have just expressed my feelings.) 

— Asal Acharya, St Xavier’s College