Moving more ways than one


They have all it takes! Beauty coupled with abundant aptitude. Why not call it a talent coup? In fact, nothing would better describe the bevy, who has entered the arena armored with all their mystifying charms. And they’re ready to grapple for the title. The Hidden Treasure conducted the competition for the title ‘Real Natural Miss Talent’ at the Russian culture center on August 28.

The show kicked off with Nirja Ranjit dancing to a Newari number, which was followed by spirited speeches, entrancing dances and ditties and many more. While some resembled damsels in distress, others ladies besotted in love and still others who were out for a change. Each of them had enough to cast spells with their stunning performances. Hema Shrestha’s violin tunes will continue to ring in audiences’ ears. Besides, the show had a comic part played by Mohini Rana. Shovana Shrestha managed to grip eyeballs with her spectacular dance. Pratikshya Moktan rocked the auditorium with her thundering drumbeats. The winner of the title will be announced on September 10.