Mr and Miss University crowned


They proved that they have the X-factor with the ideal combination of intelligence and looks. And as such Hembung Rai from International School of Tourism, and Swekshya Adhikari from Orient College, were declared the Wave Mister and Miss University Nepal 2007 on June 15 out of 24 contestants who had made it to the finals. They will be participating in the International Mister and Miss University in Korea.

Deputy Speaker of the House Chitra Lekha Yadav was the chief guest at the function.

“I was looking for a platform that would give priority to brain rather than beauty. I feel like I’ve made the right decision. I feel I’m at the right place at the right time,” said Rai in answer to “Why did you enter this contest?”

Adhikari’s winning answer was: “It is the combination of talent and beauty that is required to win and represent your country in the international arena.”

The first runners-up were David Shakya from Thames International College, and Aakriti Shrestha from Symbiosis College of Art and Management.

Rai took home a brand new Yamaha Gladiator, and Adhikari a Yamaha F8 Step Through from Morang Autoworks, and a Philips music system from Syakar Company, Sony Ericsson Mobile 810I with SIM card courtesy Mero Mobile, and a free cosmetic dental treatment from

Vedic Smile each. The runners-up won a Philips music system and Sony Ericsson Mobile 810I with a SIM card each.

A project of World-CARP Nepal, the contest was organised by Himalmedia and Wave and managed by WIZ International. The main sponsor was Yamaha Gladiator, with Image Channel and Image 97.9 FM as media partners.

Other titles

• W-CARP Mister and Miss Service: Sulakshyan Bharati (TC), Samiksha Bhattarai

(ED-Mark Academy)

• Vedic Mister and Miss Best Smile: Sauram Raj Tuladhar (Caspian Valley College), Ramila Shre-stha (National Institute of Technical Science)

• Yamaha Mister and Miss Trendy: Hembung Rai, Akriti Shrestha

• Radisson Mister and Miss Congeniality: David Shakya, Pragya Manandhar

(Nagarjuna College)

• Philips Mister and Miss Talent: Anuj Thapa (Sagarmatha Multiple College), Arpana Singh (Public Youth College)

• WAVE Mister and Miss Photogenic: Sauram Raj Tuladhar (Caspian), Swekshya Adhikari