Mr/Miss Diamond crowned at midnight


In the opulent confines of the hall at Blue Star Hotel, it was sweltering hot (for reasons that only became obvious later). On top of it all, the show was inordinately delayed. Audiences could be seen inadvertently fanning one’s exasperation as one wondered if the show would begin at all. But, as it came to notice long after, the contestants weren’t yet through with their last minute rehearsals.

Later, though, a little-heard-of singer went on a spree of rhapsodies to apparently entertain bored audiences. A spate of discordant tunes, only metaphorically speaking, that went on till midnight and it was time for the crowning.

The panel of judges that comprised Rajiv Shah, Kamala Shrestha and Raj Manandhar crowned Sudeep Lama and Doma Sherpa as Mr and Miss Diamond, respectively, for the year 2062. “By the time they were crowned, no one was there to enjoy the dance party,” says Sunil Singh Thakuri, media director B