Much ado about Tom, Dick and Harry

MUMBAI: Actor-producer Sohail Khan has threatened to sue the makers of a new comedy, Tom, Dick and Harry, claiming the title actually belongs to him. Although Sohail has threatened legal action for breach of title, producer Surendra Bhatia remains unfazed.

“We are certainly not worried. We have a No Objection Certificate from the Association of Motion Picture and TV Programme Producers as well as from the title registration committee. As far as we are concerned we are going right ahead with our release on January 20 with the film titled as it is,” Bhatia says.

The film’s leading man, Dino Morea, is also vocal. “Sohail is a very dear friend. And I would not like to say anything about his claim. But we had Tom Dick and Harry as our title from the start. We cannot have any other title. It would not sound right. Can you imagine Devdas being called Ek Aur Devdas or something?”