Mum behind my addiction: Eminem

LONDON: Relapse — the rapper’s first collection for five years — leaked on the internet on Thursday night, 11 days before its official release.

Record label bosses won’t be happy, but I am, because it’s brilliant.

It is third track My Mom that will get tongues wagging.

The rapper who famously struggled with a dependence on painkillers, raps: “My mum loved Valium and lots of drugs. That’s why I’m like I am because I’m my mum.

“There’s no one quite like my mum. I know I should let bygones be bygone but she’s the reason why I’m high on what I’m high on.”

The lyrics then claim Debbie — who he also blasted on 2002 Top Ten hit Cleaning Out My Closet — would sprinkle Valium on his steak and force feed him another drug before packing him off to school.

Elsewhere on the comeback album Eminem is back in familiar territory, fantasising about murdering starlets such as Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears in Same Song And Dance.

On Insane he tackles child abuse, rapping as a young boy being molested by his stepfather.

TV drama The Wire’s McNulty, aka Brit actor Dominic West, also features.

He plays a doctor discharging the rapper from a rehab facility in the opening spoken-word skit.