Murals of life

Kathmandu :

Kishore Kayastha’s third solo photographic exhibition was inaugurated at the World Bank Information Centre, Heritage Plaza on September 25.

The artist who has made his foray into different genres of fine arts, before finally making his stint into photography, is now a renowned name in the corporate circle.

At the exhibition, where the artist has displayed five of his photographs, many of the viewers have already started raving about his pieces.

Kayastha wasn’t keen on eulogising about the technical aspects of the photographs, rather the finesse with which the photographs have captured the graphic representation of the beauty of life.

“Don’t ask me if the photographs are exalted for the technical finesse because that’s like asking an artist what pen he uses,” says Kayastha whose photographs when he started out used to fetch “Rs 4,000 to 5,000; now each is being bought for over Rs 3 lakhs”.

Indeed, simple as the themes of the photographs might seem, they enshrine the metaphors of the simple pleasures of life. For instance, his photograph titled ‘Dashain’, perhaps the darkest of them all, reflects a hope that’s particularly striking and demonstrates the artist’s flair in capturing human emotions.

(The exhibition is on till September 27)