Music for festive mood

KATHMANDU: When festive season approaches the exhilaration of celebration is in the air. The aromas of spices, the colourful surrounding and smiling faces make you realise the season of celebration is here but any festival is incomplete without the playful and exciting music that speaks of our culture and tradition. Apt for the season well known fusion band with traditional and western instrument ensemble Trikaal presented a musical treat featuring various artistes for all on October 4 at Nepal Academy Hall, Kamaladi. The event was organised by SAC music. They are performing as a group after two years, though they basically organise at least one concert a year they were not able to do so last year due to their musical tour to Europe.

Chief Guest of the event, French Ambassador, Gilles-Henry Garault said, “Music is weapon for freedom and way to standout for the distinctive culture and tradition it expresses.” The event was inaugurated by Ani Choying Dolma by lighting the traditional lamp and Australian Ambassador Graeme Lade was also present at the event.

Just like its name Trikaal, the band represents music of past, present and future in its east-west blend of fusion music. The concert began with the traditional Dashain music and the traditional music received flavour of rock with Bass and Saxaphone infusion. Amul Karki Dhali gave the audience, comprising both locals and foreigners, a distinctive style of Nepali music with his performance on saxophone. Soon the band was joined by Sitar maestro Bijaya Baidya known for his rock style of plucking the sitar. Guru Dev Kamat in vocal and Rajendra Karn playing Ghatam too joined the band to give one of a kind mesmerising experience to all.