Kathmandu :

Gone are the days when ambitions were thwarted just because nobody cared. In the recent years, the numerous platforms that have emerged not only provide opportunities for budding talents but also give them maximum opportunity to cultivate and nurture them.

At a press meet organised by the SEGA Pvt Ltd on July 16, the launch of yet another talent hunt in the history of television channels in Nepal was announced. This talent hunt programme titled ‘The Band Vaskar’ to be directed by Nepali pop icon, James Pradhan, will be scouting for talents in different genres of music.

Forms for the contest are available at SEGA office at Jamal or can be downloaded from fursad.com. A troupe led by famous Kollywood actor Sunil Thapa will be travelling to Dharan, Pokhara, Darjeeling and Sikkim to conduct the auditions.

The talent hunt will try to bring together the best musicians these places have to offer — guitarists (bass, lead, rhythm), drummers, keyboard players, and vocals male and female. Ten best persons in each field will be chosen in each category from each place, then the best band from one place will be chosen to compete for the mega prize.

Once the competition reaches Kathmandu, the groups will be merged to form five bands and

the elimination rounds will see the best musicians advancing to form ‘The Band Vaskar’.

“We have seen too many stars (tara),” said Maniram Kuikel, one of the organisers, “why not have the Sun (Vaskar) in our midst.”

Hence the name Vaskar.

The talent hunt is expected to run over 41 episodes and will be aired on one of the prime Nepali TV channels.

The winning band that will be formed will be awarded a cash prize of 500,000, and gift hampers from sponsors.

On top of this, Kuikel adds, “They will be given a one-year contract and will be taken on concert tours to places like Qatar, Hong Kong where many Nepalis live. An album will also be cut. All this will pave their way to help them stand on their own feet once the year is over.”