My dream house

I don’t think anyone has ever dreamt of his dream house as I have.

My dream house will be a big castle with 72 rooms. All the rooms will be filled with things that I desire so that I never have to leave it.

There will a big garden with different varieties of flowers blooming, an orchard, a vast field where I can play with my friends, and a pond filled with white lotus and lilies.

I will have servants serving me each and every second like they do a prince.

My hobby is to collect birds. I am really fond of playing with them. Their chirpings amaze me. So I also wish to have birds flying over my garden.

In my dream house, a room will be filled with toys so that I can play with my sister

and pass my time.

I really wish to own my dream castle where I can fulfil every single dream of my life and be a real prince.