My experience in Lotus Eyes

I am currently in Grade IX of Kamal Netra Chhuna Muna Secondary School in Old Baneshwor. I have read in this school from Nursery. So I have already spent about 12 years here. Within this long period of time I have learnt many lessons. I have experienced a lot of things here and still many things are left to be learnt and done by me.

I have fulfilled my thirst to learn something new and extraordinary in this school. Here, I have also received knowledge about the moral and spiritual values of life and about discipline. It has played an important role in increasing religious belief among the students.

I always enjoy learning in this school as it has a fresh atmosphere, friendly teachers and cooperative students. The teachers are helpful and dedicated to quality education. The teachers have supported me, not only in academics, but also morally which has encouraged me and increased my confidence to do better and march forward towards success. Because of the teachers’ guidance, I have never become proud and overconfident in my success, and whenever I become unsuccessful in my work I have never driven myself to despair.

This school frequently organises extracurricular activities in which we are given the opportunity to display our hidden talents. Awards are also given to the winners to encourage them. I am glad to be one of them. I am sure that these activities will develop my personality.

I am very fortunate to be a part of this school but as we know that time is always moving forward. I have only a few years to serve my school as a student. Though I will be leaving this school, I will take with me those wonderful moments that I spent in this school and carve them in my heart and memories. I am sure that the education I have got here will lead me towards the right path to success in life. I only hope I can do our school proud. — Pratik Sharma, Grade IX, Kamal Netra Chhuna Muna Secondary School