My father, my hero

My father is the person whom I look up to the most. For me, he is the synonym of love. He is the best father. I have learnt many good things from him. Sincerity, obedience, honesty, patience and co-operation are the qualities that I have learnt from him. I think that God was in an awesome mood when he sent me to this world because he sent me as the child of such a genuine father.

I am the luckiest daughter to have a father like him. He has never neglected me because I am a daughter. Whenever I am in trouble, he is always there as a source of inspiration. I have reached this stage of my life with his love.

He is an indispensable part of my life. My father has many dreams and wishes for me. It is my duty to fulfil his dreams. As the auspicious occasion of Fathers Day is approaching, I would like to wish him a very Happy Father’s Day. I request all my friends to love and respect their fathers not only on Father’s Day but everyday because for us our father is equal to god.