My mother wanted a son: Bipasha

MUMBAI: In a heart-wrenching, emotional tete-a tete with host Farah Khan on Tere Mere Beach Mein, Bollywood celebrity Bipasha Basu, who is otherwise known

as a tough lady, reveals a side of her never seen before.

Speaking about the importance of family in her life, she says, “I don’t think anyone can deny the bond one has with one’s parents and those who do, I think that they’re not human.. woh log insaan nahi hai!”

Sure that the revelation about her maternal uncles would upset her mother, Bipasha still shares why she thinks daughters bond better with their parents and she speaks from her own experience. “My maternal grandmother died under very unfortunate circumstances. My cousin who was playing with a bow and arrow actually hurt my grandmother’s eye with the arrow and she was paralysed and passed away on my mother’s birthday. And it was my parents who looked after her till her last breath.”

Farah asks, “This despite the fact that she had three sons?”

Bipasha admits, “Yes, my mother has three brothers and she loves them a lot. But I don’t feel affectionate towards my uncles at all. I strongly feel that our parents give us so much in life and the least we can do is love them back in their old age when they’re alone, when they’re spouse has passes away and they are alone...”

“My grandfather had died and all my grandmother needed was some affection from her children. I explain this to my mother that in all our growing years, she had wanted a son but with time, now that she has seen the world, she knows that there’s nothing better than her daughters... I can see that realization in my mother’s eyes!”

And she pleads to the audience, “Please everyone, love your parents!”