My mum, my best friend

As a child, I found my life complex and tough. I felt myself being neglected by my friends and teachers. Slowly, I had started lost my confidence and always felt I was the unlucky one.

But then I had my mother, my inspiration and my strength. I firmly believe that as ‘God cannot be everywhere, he created mother’.

My mum was the one who supported and guided me on the right path. She believed in my potential. She made me realise that I have all the qualities to taste the sweetness of success. She mended my fading dreams.

She even understood those things that I had never told her about. She taught me an important lesson: “Failures are part of life, not the end of it.”

She listens to my queries for hours without complaining. She is the best companion I could ever wish for. She loves me not because I am beautiful or intelligent, but because I am her daughter.

She appreciates me for who I am. I don’t have to pretend in front of her. Doesn’t it feel so good and comfortable? Of course, it does. She has given me a loving home and a wonderful atmosphere to grow up in.

She is the only reason for what I am today.

My friends are also fond of her because of her loving and caring nature. She isn’t the one who will sit and cry over spilt milk. Instead she will admit her mistakes and learn lessons from them.

My mother is a very good cook. I have become interested in cooking because of her. She treats our guests to a gourmet delight. Knowing what an excellent hostess my mother is, people are always keen to visit our home.

But most of all I am grateful to mum for bringing back that spring in to my life.