Nabin clarifies

Dipti Sherchan


KATHMANDU: Generally whenever Nabin K Bhattarai decides to take out any music video for his albums he features himself in them. Recently, he completed the shooting of “Chaina Juna” from his latest album ‘The Blue’. The director is Simosh and Nabin is in the video this time too. The other model is Kohinoor, a regular feature in his videos. This won’t surprise anyone but by now everyone might want to know the reason behind this.

“Personally I don’t like to be a model in my own music video. It is my producer — — who asks me to do so. They believe that if a singer is seen in the video then it will create more hype in the market. People will be more interested to watch it. As for Kohinoor, I don’t choose my models. It is again my producer who does that,” clarifies Nabin. By the way, Kohinoor is the new face in the Fair and Lovely advertisement.

Anyway, after the shooting for “Chaina Juna” was completed and Nabin was removing his make-up but something went wrong and he ended up with an eye infection. An eyeful or what?!

Nabin does not like to do many concerts and we seldom hear about his concerts. “I like doing only one solo concert in a year after my new album comes in the market and that is it. I don’t like to perform as a guest artiste and even in concerts where there are so many artistes performing together. It is like hearing songs from a collection album.”

Well fans, in April he has a solo concert in Rangashala, Kathmandu and he informs that this will be his first and last solo concert for 2004 in Nepal. On April 15 he will be leaving for New York for a concert that will be held on April 24. He will even perform at Boston, Texas and Washington DC. This will be the first time he will be performing at Washington.

“It is fun to sing for the Nepalis abroad.” He will be returning

back in May after touring the United States of America. — Dipti Sherchan