Naseer goes for make-over

MUMBAI: So far he has refused to colour his hair even for a film, but now Naseeruddin Shah has not only dyed his hair, he has also shaved his beard and lost a

lot of weight to look like an eligible 40-year-old for Vidya Balan in Ishqiya.

“That’s right. I’m supposed to be this 40-year-old rake doing naughty things, like wooing the neighbourhood widow Vidya Balan. Giving me competition in the endeavour is my screen bhanja (nephew) Arshad Warsi. So my character has to really pull up his socks to vie for the lady’s attentions,” Naseer said.

“I’ve never really believed in such vanity in real life. But my character definitely does have to be an eligible 40-year-old for Vidya’s sake,” he joked.