NCFT fashion show comes of age


Sixty-year-old Kini Gurung, mother of Paru Pahari, a student of BDF VIth Semester at Namuna College of Fashion Technology (NCFT), was delighted to see her daughter on the ramp with a model wearing Pahari’s design.

The occasion was NCFT’s 11th Graduation Fashion Show titled ‘The Journey of Fashion XI — Incantevole Creazione’ on November 25 at Hotel Yak and Yeti, Durbar Marg.

Fourty-one graduating designers of NCFT presented strong, fun, colourful and sharp creations at the academic fashion show.

The graduating designers organised and managed the Graduation Fashion Show as part of their course requirement for Fashion Show under the BFD curriculum of Purbanchal University.

The fashion show, divided into five sequences, was an encounter of styles and sophistication along with cultures of 41 countries around the world.

“I really enjoyed the show today; it was exciting. I have never seen such dresses. My daughter took me to the rehearsal of the show earlier where I laughed a lot looking at the dresses. But today during the main show, I felt I was in another world,” shared Gurung about the fifth sequence — Creative Sequence.

Creative Sequence presented individual designs of students under the theme ‘World Culture and Heritage’, embodying select aspects of culture, heritage, landmarks, et cetera.

The last sequence was like looking at a carnival which was amazing and unbelievable. The models walked in designs that featured the culture, heritage, landmarks and more through bright apparels with 3D effect, careful detailing and futuristic cuts.

The music also supported the walk as country wise music was played.

The audience praised Pahari’s design, who represented Brazil inspired by the Samba dance. Her design included a yellow fluffy skirt made of net, huge wings in yellow, blue and golden made of ostrich feathers at the back, a head gear and long stripes of sparkling beads hanging on both hands.

Each design representing different countries was unique where most of the dresses had dome shaped gown or flowers patched on the dress. Most of the student designers managed to pull off what they had shown in their swatch work in their pre-judgement round on November 10.

Only a few missed the details such as sleeves or wings as shown in their swatches.

The first sequence Minimalist featured ladies attire in simple colours such as black, white and grey using in crepe and satin.

The second sequence was Men’s Trend Revamped which displayed men’s wear — the designers styled ready-made garments like denim pants with various stylised shirts and tee-shirts.

The models’ bodies were flaunted in shirts and tee-shirts in colourful see-through net fabric. Free and flowy dresses in chiffon, satin and georgette with flowery and geometric patterns were used for third sequence, Boho-Resort Wear.

While royal look for the ladies was presented in the fourth sequence Red Carpet using fabrics like phulkari, velvet and net.

Germany-based Fashion Designer/Stylist Stella Maris Hafele, who was present at the event as guest judge expressed, “The fashion show was unexpected. I didn’t expect such a beautiful work from Nepali students.

We can see this kind of work in Europe and I was expecting more traditional designs such as the use of Nepali textures, ornaments and so on. But looking at it I think Nepali fashion designers are going to be very good in the future.”

Veteran actress Bhuwan Chand in sari and Laxmi Giri in white gown walked the ramp wearing the designs by Gyani Shova Tuladhar, Senior Fashion Designer/Founder Principal of NCFT.

Then Hafele also walked on ramp as the show stopper wearing her own design that featured Egypt.

The Himalayan Times was the official media partner of the show.