Nepathya to perform in Butwal on February 25

KATHMANDU: Folk rock band Nepathya is all set to perform in Butwal in western Nepal this weekend with a motto "Music for Unity".

Organised by Butwal-based ‘Yes Nepal’, the show at Kalika School grounds will benefit a local child home -- Abhiyan Nepal, according to the Nepathya's event manager Nepa~laya.

Butwal, which sprawls on the lap of Chure hills, is mentioned in folk literature and songs with its old name Batauli, thanks to its location in the ancient trade route and as a hotspot of migration from hills.

The popular Nepali band has portrayed the ambience of the old city in one of its songs -- Yānimāyā... .

This song in particular takes the listeners on a tour with the salt trader who travels the route Bhot (Tibet) through the hills and rivers to Butwal, Nepa~laya said in a statement on Sunday, "This is one such example of Nepathya songs where Nepathya through their music has been sharing folklores and folk cultures to the younger generation."

Nepathya had performed in Butwal for multiple occasions in the past.

“We have been connected to Batauli through our songs and the current day Butwal through our past concert tours,” recalls Nepathya front man Amrit Gurung has been quoted as as saying in the statement.

“The venue of our Butwal concert (Kalika School) brings back nostalgia to me. During the conflict time, we had toured the nation as part of our Sundar Shanta Nepal, Travelling Peace Concert. In 2003, we had performed in Butwal at Kalika School premises,” he added.

“It feels great to see the school which had benefited from the Butwal Concert in 2003, grow to this stature today.”