Nepali melodies in Norway


Three talented music artistes are heading for Norway on June 28 to participate in the Forde International Folk Festival, the biggest musical festival in Norway. This has been made possible by Nepal Music Centre in association

with the government of Norway. The festival will be held from July 1-8, in which artistes from 16 different countries will be showcasing their talents.

A glimpse of the performance was given by the artistes at a farewell program organised at Nepal Music Centre on June 21. With their radiant smiling faces exuding confidence, Rubin Kumar Shrestha played the flute, Barta Gandharba played the sarangi and lent her melodious voice, while Sanskriti Shrestha played the tabla and madal, demonstrating their flair for playing these traditional instruments.

Kikkan Hauge, Head of Mission at the Royal Norwegian Embassy presented the artistes with khadsa as a farewell token. The three artistes will be accompanied by their team leader Shyam Nepali.

To encourage new musicians ‘Talent 2007’ is being organised as a part of the festival in which along with these artistes from Nepal, musicians from China and Norway will also be participating. These artistes will be performing Jhyaure, Newari, Samara, Tamang Selo, Chandi, Tappa and folk songs.

The artistes from these three nations will come to perform in Nepal from August 18-25. — HNS