Nepali weaves


Titled ‘Harmony — the best of India and Nepal Khadi Show’, it brings together the best of the fashion world of India and Nepal on one stage. The October 5 show at Hyatt Regency will showcase designs by Indian designers like Satya Paul, Mona Pali and Niki Mahajan, and our very own Shakun.

Shakun’s creative endeavours paved way when she met some damais. She combined their skills and her fashion sense to produce clothes that have gained international reputation. Her fashion houses Wheels Boutique and Shakun Sherchan International have been operating since 1985.

Her contribution to the uplift of these indigenous women are various. She developed the Dhaka fabric, increasing its standard as an exportable product. Allo is another of her significant products. Her most popular one has been the pashmina trade. Her exquisite pieces has helped her associate with international fashion houses like Ralph Lauren, Neiman Marcus, Henry Bendells, Vogue, Livingstone Studios, Body Shop, Nordstroms and Saks. Famous personalities who sport her pashminas are Mrs Kofi Anan, Richard Gere, Goldie Horn and Teresa Heinz.

The show will also see 10 top Indian ramp models like Amanpreet Wahi, Nethra Raghuraman, among others share ramp space with six of our Nepali models.