Nepathya at Himalaya film fest


Nepathya has left for Europe to perform at and open the Himalaya Film Festival

in Amsterdam. The Himalaya Film Festival is a yearly festival of films on the Himalayan Region organised by the Himalaya Archive Netherlands.

Nepathya documentary Bhedako Oon Jasto... in search of a song was screened at last year’s festival. The offer to feature Nepathya live at the next festival was put forth by festival director Dr Glenn Mitrasing.

Nepathya will be performing at the festival venue, De Griffioen, on November 4. The festival, which will last over the weekend, will feature more than 50 films, which includes three films on Nepathya. Bhedako oon Jasto... will be re-screened. Sa... shooting a music video will be screened. This documentary follows a Nepathya music video production team through the trans-himalayan region of Dolpo. Another film on Nepathya to be screened is Leave our Schools Alone. This is a tour documentation of Nepathya’s nationwide tour in 2004, when the group had performed in 15 places of the nation advocating for a politics free educational institute.

Nepathya will also sing songs from its unreleased album Ghatana.

After performing in Amsterdam and participating at the Himlaya Film festival, Nepathya is scheduled to tour France and Belgium.