Nepathya charms Dutch audience


Nepathya, the Nepali folk-rock band, which is currently on a tour of Europe made its debut European performance at the Himalayan Film Festival on November 4.

The audience consisted of Dutch people having interest in the Himalayan issues, delegate filmmakers from various countries and Nepalis residing in The Netherlands.

The show started with Nepathya’s new song Ghatana. This 25 minute Gandarva-flavoured rock ballad was coupled with images from the Mainapokhari incident site on a large screen while Nepathya performed live. Both the performance and the synchronised visual presentation was received with much applause.

“This is current Nepal. But Nepal is not only this. We have a fun-filled hills and mountains as well, where love still exists,” said Amrit Gurung, Nepathya’s frontman.

The close to 100 minute performance consisted of popular Nepathya songs like Chari Maryo, Chekyo Chekyo, Resham, Taalko Pani, Bhedako Oon Jasto… and so on. The audience was soon seen dancing and enjoying every bit of the performance.