Nepathya enthrals


10…9...8... The countdown for ‘Nepathya Live in Concert’ started at around 6:45 pm on May 14 at Jawalakhel Ground. The anticipation of a rocking evening was soaring and it stopped only when singer Amrit Gurung appeared with his band members on the stage and performed Bheda Ko Un Jasto.

Blending Nepali folk beats with guitar, keyboard and drums, Nepathya’s concert is always a delight to attend. Lots of hands up in the air waving in unison, dance steps by the audience along with Gurung’s dance moves on the stage and his inspiring messages on peace is always a sight to see in a Nepathya concert. This concert was no exception as the folk rock band performed to commemorate the anniversary of earthquake of April 2015.

“The rainfall in Baishak and Jestha has douched the forest wildfire. But who will ease the wildfire of hearts?” Gurung remarked at the concert adding, “In the times of sorrow, crossing all the sorrows and coming

together as one, we have to make this country good and beautiful. We are Nepalis of one country. We try to present our melodious folk tunes. Let’s have fun on the first day of Jestha.”

And the fun began. With old and new songs to maadal beats and guitar solos to western and eastern Nepali folk music, Nepathya made everyone live in the moment and forget their quake memories.

Songs like Abhab Abhabai Bhayo, Chhekyo Chhekyo Deurali Danda, Chari Maryo, Aama, Jogale Hunchha Bheta, Jiwan Ho Gham Chhaya and Sa Karnali among others entertained the audience thoroughly.

The old songs like Chhekyo Chhekyo Deurali Danda, Chari Maryo, Jogale Hunchha Bheta, Sa Karnali and Chari Maryo got the best out of everyone. People didn’t miss to sing any word, and to dance to any beat.

Commemorating the quake, the band performed Jiwan Ho Gham Chhaya while telling the audience “to take pledge to build the nation together”.

Gurung also walked the memory lane and recalled his young days of Jawalakhel Ground. “We used to come here, many years ago while studying in college. There used to be lots of trees and we used to play football. It was a place to eat peanuts and the place where we had lots of fun and spent many evenings. Seeing you all (audience), I recalled old days.”

With that memory, the band performed its 23-year-old song Euta Chithi. It didn’t end here. The concert motivated the audience with Gaun Gaun Bata Utha and made them groove with Himal Chuchure.